Hypoglycemia Treatment

15482946_sOne Smartie, 2 Smarties, 3 or 4…What is your child’s preferred treatment for a low blood sugar?  There are so many treatment options to choose from.  There is a small tube of cake gel, 4 ounces of OJ, 4 ounces of regular juice,, a package of fruit chews, or glucose tablets.  Some children like to change up what they use, sometimes Smarties or juice or sometimes regular soda.  The key is to keep it around 15 grams of carbohydrates, and then follow up with a 15 gram of carbohydrate snack with protein.  For example a slice of bread with peanut butter on it.

Our book helps a babysitter, grandparent, or another adult to determine these things.

What to Expect When Flying

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Flying and Diabetes

Flying with diabetes the first time is an overwhelming activity. Flying is overwhelming because of security. There are so many rules to fly in a plane these days. In these rules how does a parent of a type 1 diabetic prepare?

Flying with diabetes does not need to be overwhelming! Following some basic rules getting through security should be easy.


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The basics:


Keep medications separate from the other carry on items and ensure they are clearly labeled.  As you enter security, declare that you have liquid medications, needles, etc (including the ice packs) to the security officer. A side note the ice pack must be completely frozen not soft or slushy. The TSA website indicates this can be confiscated and tested more thoroughly.


Declare that you or your child uses an insulin pump and the pump cannot be safely removed from your child’s body. Likely the pump will be checked and like phones you will be asked to make the screen change.

You can also ask for a pat down instead of the x-ray machine so it does not interfere with you device.

We have traveled may times with my son and have never had an issue with security. Most times he is stream lined trough security because of his age and medical condition.


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For full information visit the TSA web page for traveling with medications:



Happy Holiday Travels

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