Hypoglycemia and Type 1 Diabetes

Low blood sugars or hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes is an immediate concern. Hypoglycemia is a blood sugar below a child’s predetermined range; for example less than 70mg/dl. Low blood sugar symptoms are shaky; sweaty; dizzy; weak; irritable; extreme hunger; drowsy; confused; headache; pale, grey, or flushed; restless sleeping or nightmares.

Low blood sugars require immediate treatment.

To start the child should test his or her blood sugar.
Then treat the blood sugar with 15 grams of a simple sugar.
Simple sugars are 4 oz of regular soda or juice, glucose tablets, 2 packages of smartees.
Simple sugar is not a cookie, ice cream, chocolate or the like.
Then wait 10-15 minutes and have the child retest his or her blood sugar.
When the blood sugar is within an acceptable range then have the child eat a 15 gram carbohydrate snack with protein.

Things that cause low blood sugars are: exercise, more insulin than carbohydrates, to much basal insulin. For frequent low blood sugars a review of a child’s blood sugars and potential causes examined to rectify the low blood sugars.

Hypoglycemia and Type 1 Diabetes

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