Denver JDRF Walk

Start of the Denver JDRF walk

Start of the Denver JDRF walk

Well here it is today.  Fundraising and meeting tons of new families and people! Getting your name out into the world is hard work!  But worth every bit.  Things we did note today that I think is important:

1. Hiring any babysitter is scary when your most precious cargo can be seriously hurt!  While having a type 1 sitter is easier, simply because the sitter knows the disease, it is not always practical.  That is how our book helps!  It is designed specifically for your child while helping a non-diabetic understand your child.

2. So many teenagers with type 1 are starting up babysitting!  Such a wonderful need!  I still think this book is important.  Your child is yours and the teenage type 1 kiddo understands the ins and outs, but needs specifics on your very individual special child.

3. Grandparents can utilize this book!  I met many today that have taken a grand parenting class but wanted the book for the type 1 in their life.

Dayna at our booth!

Dayna at our booth!

We all have our reasons for needing this or not wanting to leave our kids with just anyone.  Just anyone can be scary.  What if we found someone who is not type 1 but learned how to love and care for our type 1 with ease?  Our fear as parents may lessen and life can be a bit more normal!

There are sample pages up on the blog and Amazon lets you look through some of the book.  Take a peek.

If you are in the Colorado Front Range we will be at the Colorado Springs Walk at America the Beautiful Park next Saturday and we will be on the local KKTV news September 11 at 9 am. Check us out. If you see us around we do have books on hand for $15.

See everyone next week.

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