Type 1 Diabetes going back to school

Since we have been on the first theme. I began to think about that back to school experience. Type 1 diabetic child  in school for the first time. The thought that I had to leave my child with school personnel. Let me paint the picture.

We were in a charter school for the better education. For those of you not in our area at the time that school was rate one of the top in the state. Quincy needed the challenge (or he took things apart and did experiments to learn about things!!) that this school provided. The caveat, they did not take kids they did not want. So those kids on 504 or IEP or ILPs did not make it into the school. But once you were there they could not kick you out. The up side to this there was a full time RN at the school. No school aid that took care of my son.  I thought all was going to be well. Because as an NP the next best thing was a nurse. I felt better about him going to school.

However, the school isolated him, the nurse fought me on what the orders were for his shots, she did not even understand what Type 1 diabetes was and what they needed. She openly admitted to not understanding and was trying to learn. I had teachers aids tell me they did not have time in the instruction to deal with type 1 diabetes!

The fortunate thing was Quincy was oblivious to this. He was always excited about school. He did have issues with his sugars. And more than once he did not get a shot the nurse should have given him. My anxiety increased about leaving him anywhere. I could not trust the nurse to care for my kiddo how was anyone going to care for him the way I could.

In the end and after writing my own 504 plan but not getting it to the teachers (the school just needed it on file for my son incase the state looked into it!) We moved schools.

The new school was what we should have had in the beginning. Diabetic care was always first.

Type 1 always calls for a parent to advocate. But how do you do that without guidance of what is wrong. Places I that would have helped me was at the very least my diabetic educator (but I never asked for what I thought was normal)!

This is another book for another day. Type 1 diabetes and the basics for school days. There are so many resources out there for this and I think new diabetic parents need to be on top of these resources. Type 1 Diabetes and the specifics of your kiddo.

What was your Type 1 back to school experience?

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