What is normal?

Type 1 Diabetic and a “Normal” Life

Normal.  What is it?  Such and easy word to say and toss around.  We all have a concept of our “normal.”  But can we really define it?  Websters online dictionary defines normal as: ” usual or ordinary: not strange, mentally and physically healthy.”  Our type 1 children are not the first part.  I would not define my child as unusual or strange, and he is well but not always physically healthy.  Then in daily life how do we as parents achieve normalcy for our children?


Finding the Norm

The start of finding our normal is not letting diabetes rule our lives, but be an aspect of our lives.  Easy…right!  Not always.  Sick type 1 diabetics tend to not be normal, eating is not normal, exercise is not normal.  So we need not to let it be a big deal.  Treating diabetes as this is just the way it is and we keep going.  Keeping this attitude helps our diabetic children get the norm down as they enter into adulthood.

Practicing the Norm

Get the practice of the norm down.  Eating at regular intervals, not snacking all day (which is good for everyone!),  having play dates and sleepovers, participating in sports, or anything any other child would do.  Years ago a type 1 diabetic was not allowed to do many of these things.  But with all of the new technology and medications our children are able to live a regular life.  As parents, we need to figure out how to do this and feel safe about it.  One way to do this is have a guide-book that helps you as a parent feel safe about leaving your child places with another educated adult.  Check our book out for guidance and the many websites and forums for other parenting advice. Now go out and find your norm!


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