The Weekend away: Part 2

The Last Day of Our Tripski child

The type 1 diabetic and a vomiting crisis

Our fabulous well working vacation with out our children was going so well. The last day of the trip my phone text message said at 8 am, “I vomited 2 times.” That was it. No and my blood sugar is or I have no ketones. And I had yet to have my morning coffee. So I texted my darling 14 year old Diabetic and asked (as casually as I could) so what was your blood sugar and ketones. I waited…NO read receipt, nothing for 10 minutes. Of course the first thing I do is panic. The back ground here is the last time he vomited his sugar was so low he made absolutely no sense at all. that time if his sugar did not get better it was the hospital. This time i had nothing. We had not heard from my Mother In Law. What to do

My darling husband handed me my coffee and said he would call. I truly think it was to save everyone on the other end of the phone from my panic. our son did vomit took a anti-nausea pill and promptly went back to sleep. He did not test his blood sugar or his ketones. (in my mind this just proves I needed to be around all the time!) But it had not been very long form the time he did get sick to the time we talked to him. Sugars were fine and no ketones!!! I had my mother in law look in the book (Type 1 Diabetes and Babysitting: A Parent’s Toolkit) and she followed the sick day management plan. With her following  that plan and my son texting me every two hours with a blood sugar, ketone status, vomiting or not vomiting and how much fluids he was taking in I then determined I could go back on vacation without my kids and without my absolute control of my sons Type 1 diabetes. He did survive and he survived well with people around him that he loved and a fun vacation was had by all!

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