Type 1 Diabetes Fundraising – Why Should We Do It?

The Fundraising

You have heard of the Diabetes walk, Ride the cure and plain donations for fundraising. Each aspect of research for diabetes is supported through fundraising and donations. The major body of fundraising for type 1 diabetes comes from JDRF, although American Diabetes Association  (ADA) also has fundraising activities. Although the ADA does have fundraising it is to Diabetes as a whole, Type 2 and type 1. SO lets focus on what JDRF actually spends the money you raise on

According to the JDRF website (http://jdrf.org/about-jdrf/fact-sheets/research-funding-facts/) this is what the money you raise goes too!

  • “JDRF is the leading global organization funding T1D research with more than 100 U.S. locations and 6 international affiliates.
  • Since inception, JDRF has contributed over $1.9B to T1D research and including $98M in 2014.
  • JDRF is currently funding 45 human clinical trials of potential T1D therapies.
  • Approximately 80% of JDRF expenditures directly support T1D research and research-related education”


This is amazing. One day we will be able to cure diabetes and every year has so many new medical discoveries to allow our children to live as a normal child. We are blessed to have such a foundation advocating and working to cure our kids!


Keep up the fundraising and hopefully our children will not have to live with this disease life long!

To donate




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